Our aims and scope

     Eurasian Dryland Research (EDR) is a refereed journal of international standards publishing original and technical research articles from all areas of physical, earth and environmental, biological, and social sciences of arid, semi-arid, and desert environments in the Eurasian drylands that covers the territory from the Middle East/Balkans to Mongolia and northeast China. This journal addresses studies on all aspects of arid environments in the Eurasian dryland for past, present and future conditions as considering multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary dialogue.

Research Areas include:

  • Surface and atmospheric dynamics
  • Climate and Climate Change
  • Hydrologic processes and systems 
  • Natural hazards, vulnerability, disaster risk, risk management, mitigation
  • Geomorphological processes and systems
  • Soils (physical and biological aspects)
  • Ecology (Plant and Animal Sciences)
  • Biogeochemistry and bio geophysics 
  • Environmental change, monitoring and management
  • Agriculture, food, land use (agronomy, grazing, mining, tourism, etc)
  • Land degradation (desertification) and rehabilitation
  • Ecosystem Services (ecological, sociocultural and economic value of arid environments)
  • Anthropology and human ecology
  • Social and economic aspects, and policy
  • Pollution

Types of paper 

Research Articles: reporting original and previously unpublished work, not normally more than 5000 words. Shorter research articles of between 2000 and 3000 words can also be considered for publication if they meet these criteria.

Review Articles:  Critical evaluation of existing data, summarizes the current state of understanding on a topic. A review article surveys and summarizes previously published studies, rather than reporting new facts or analysis.

Think Notes: Short, one page notes describing new developments, new ideas, comments on a controversial subject, or comments on recent conferences will also be considered for publication.

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